Welcome to “Garage Talk”. I’m “Revved Up” Rod. Our purpose is to provide a forum for muscle car, hot rod, drag racing, and off road, enthusiasts, hobbyists, professionals and automotive related businesspeople. Going forward we plan to cover car shows and events, relevant auto industry news such as new models, trends etc. We would like to hear from you Gearheads on any automotive related subjects such as sick rides, pics of your car, car and truck builds/projects, tech talk, car or truck humor, or news and reviews on car shows from your area of our great country.



The winner is #2. Evidently the majority of our Facebook visitors are “Speed Addicts” so that is what we are using for this design. The vote was pretty close as there are a number of folks who “Wanna Drag” (2nd). and a sizable contingent who consider themselves “Bad News” (3rd) so you will see these themes in future designs.


The “SPEED ADDICT” Tee Shirt can be ordered with a late model Mustang, a Challenger or a Camaro. Also, in a feature unique to Revved Up Shirts, Each car image is available in six different colors at no extra charge with no minimums. Coming Soon! “SPEED ADDICT” will be available as a Poster, Decal, Metal Sign and Neon Clock.

Black and white versions for white and mid tone shirts or backgrounds can be had with your choice of available car brand-model.


All versions of “SPEED ADDICT” can be ordered with a customized name drop at the bottom for your club or business for a small additional cost.  Full customized header and bottom text versions for business are available as well.

Thanks everybody for participating in the poll. We look forward to your comments and posts.

God Bless America!