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This Blown Mafia Chevy Camaro Supercharger Vintage Poster is what muscle cars are all about. Featuring the incredible and seriously baddass build of Blown Mafia this is just one of the amazing creations of the Blow Mafia team.

As written by By Joseph Coelho – May 10, 2017

Bradley Gray, a custom car connoisseur, has an affinity for forced-induction components which are most certainly on display among his “Blown Mafia” car collection. While most folks install a blower/supercharger or a single/twin-turbo setup on their hot rod, Mr. Gray has engineered some jaw-dropping setups that combine multiple blowers, turbos, and nitrous for some truly unique rides.

1969 Twin-Turbo, Nitrous, Blown Camaro

If you have heard anything about Bradley Gray or Blown Mafia, it is likely that you have caught a glimpse of his wild 1969 Camaro with tons of eye candy sticking up nearly four feet out of the hood. Gray has mixed up a wild concoction of turbos, a blower, and nitrous to power this old muscle car. He started with a 468 c.i. Big Block Chevrolet with all of the internal fixings such as a Scat forged crankshaft, JE flat-top pistons, Eagle connecting rods, and CNC ported CFE cylinder heads that make for a pretty impressive spec sheet, but the magic is in the induction setup. Gray stacked on a 1471 Littlefield blower (underdriven 6%) coupled with a pair of 68mm Precision turbochargers and designed all of the necessary ducting and plenum to route the boosted air through the Holley 980 carburetors. The car also features a NOS wet nitrous kit, but Gray claims it is used more for a cooling effect rather than for increased horsepower. Although the car may shine like a showroom collector’s piece, Gray has actually had this setup for 20 years and drives it on a regular basis.

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