No one expected it.

Chevy had some cool cars at this year’s 2017 North American International Auto Show.

But no one knew they were bringing a life-sized Lego Batmobile.

The Lego Batman Batmobile (movie come out this month) is built from a whopping 340,000 Lego bricks stole the show from a geek’s perspective.

The 17 foot long monster seems a lot longer than the original, but it’s still a seriously bad ass Batmobile.

Though predominantly black, it does have a few colorful accents. Red hubs and striping, blue Technic connectors, and the yellow windshield, signals, and Chevy badge.

It took more than 220 hours to design and over 1800 man hours to actually build it. The finished piece weighs over 1600 pounds, which is supported by a welded aluminum frame.

MSRP: just $48 million. Chump change for someone like Bruce Wayne.